Rosselyn Harpe Krystal






Curly chocolate brown hair, and emerald green eyes. She is muscular, more muscular than most people and taller than most as well.


Lone Werewolf, and her father was half Fae


She is a strong woman, who is her own person, and hates stupid/jerky people. She has a big vocabulary and can turn your words against you with ease. She loves all animals and gets along well with Fae.


Her mother (a mundane) met a handsome man at a nightclub...and one thing led to another... Jean Krystal woke up with him gone, and a few months later she realised she was pregnant. Her mother blamed all her misfortunes on Rosselyn, and when she was five, tossed her out on the street. She had been in Foster homes, but everyone seemed to hate her. At the age of twelve, she met a werewolf, he was her best friend. In a rage one day, he bit her...and infected her causing her to turn into a werewolf as well. Her best friend tried to help, by trying to convince her to join his pack, but she hated him then, and continued on her journey in life, bitter and alone.

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